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03/14/ 2023

【Event Information】France-Japan Workshop on "Philosophy and Ethics of TV drama series" and "Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning" (Mar. 16th, 2023, 13:00−17:30 (JST))

  • 03/16/2023 (Thu.) 13:00-17:30

As part of the "Philosophy of Logic" Japan-France workshop series, we are planning an event featuring two members from the University of Paris 1 group on the French side.

Participation is free of charge. Pre-registration is required for online participation, and Zoom information will be sent to pre-registered participants. If you plan to attend in person, you can register at the venue upon arrival, but we kindly request that you register in advance to assist us in preparing for the workshop.

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Global Research Center for Logic and Sensitivity, Keio University

02/20/ 2023

【Event Information】The Annual Meeting for the Academic Year 2022 (Mar. 2nd, 2023, 12:30−16:45 (JST))

  • 03/02/2023 (Thu.) 12:30-16:45

The Annual Meeting for the Academic Year 2022

For details, please refer to the "Recent Activity" page.

12/29/ 2022

【Event Information】Workshop on the occasion of the UNESCO World Logic Day (Jan. 14th, 2023, 13:00−17:30 (JST))

  • 01/14/2022 (Sat.) 13:00-17:30

Workshop on the occasion of the UNESCO World Logic Day
Hybrid (Japanese is the official language used in the Workshop)

Date: Jan. 14th, 2023, 13:00−17:30 (JST)
Venue: G-Lab, 6F, East Building, Mita Campus, Keio University 

URL:    https://abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp/seminar/World_Logic_Day_2023
Contact information: logic@abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp

January 14th is the UNESCO World Logic Day, declared in the UNESCO Conference, November, 2019, which was proposed by IUHPST/DLMPST and CIPSH. The day is the occasion to recognize the contribution of logic to the society and human life. Since 2021, CIPSH promoted the activities worldwide. This 2023 Workshop is the third version of the series.  

Hosted by:
Global Research Center for Logic and Sensitivity, Keio University
Center for Applied Philosophy & Ethics, Kyoto University
Okamoto Lab., Tokyo Metropolitan University

01/14/ 2021

【Event Information】Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning Zoom Meeting: 18:00〜20:00

  • 01/14/2021 (Thu.) 18:00-20:00
Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning

Project Meeting on Jan. 14th. The UNESCO World Logic Day: A France-Japan Collaborative Research Project Meeting on Philosophy of Logic

Co-organized by thr Global Research Center for Logic and Sensitivity and IHPST, University of Paris 1

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