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02/14/ 2022

The Annual Meeting for the Academic Year 2021

Mar. 3rd, 2022
Online (Zoom meeting)
Opening Address Keio KurataFaculty of Letters

Session I 13:0514:25 (Chairperson: Fumiko Goto

  • Keiko FujisawaFaculty of Letters

Current status and issues of quality assessment in early childhood education and care

  • Ei-Ichi IzawaFaculty of Letters

Behavioural / Physiological mechanisms of inter-individual affiliation in birds

  • Chiaki Yamane-SaihojiGRCLS

Colour Theory of Adolf Hölzel and its reception

  • Koki Tsuji(GRCLS)

Products with high purchase frequency require greater inhibitory control: An event-related potential study

Break15 min.

Session II 14:4016:00Chairperson: Yasuyo Minagawa

  • Kai HiraishiFaculty of Letters

A decade of Replicability Crisis in Psychology

  • Lin CaiGRCLS

Infant's neural substrate of NAD (Non-Adjacent Dependency) grammar learning and its development

  • Gergely MohacsiGRCLS, Osaka University

Pharmaceutical pollution and grassroots experiments in health

  • Istvan Zoltan ZardaiFaculty of Letters

'AI as Group Agent'

Break15 min.

Session III 16:1517:15Chairperson: Tatsuya Kashiwabata

  • Koji MineshimaFaculty of Letters

An interdisciplinary study of logical disagreement

  • Yuta TakahashiGRCLS, Ochanomizu University


  • Hideaki KawabataFaculty of Letters

Collaboration and integration of Aesthetic Science with multiple fields

  • Reiko ShibaGRCLS

Acoustics of Dotaku: An example of collaboration and integration between Aesthetic Science and Archaeology

  • Toru YamaguchiFaculty of Letters

Counter-ethnography of ethnographic objects and usage of their agencies

Closing Address Satoshi UmedaFaculty of Letters

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