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The International Symposium "Emotional Animals, Sensible Humans" is held on 8-9th February, 2009

The international symposium "Emotional Animals, Sensible Humans" is to be held as follows.

* Admission Free, No reservation required.

Title: "Emotional Animals, Sensible Humans"

Date and Time: Sunday, 8th February, 2009; 9:00 - 19:00 / Monday, 9th February, 2009; 9:00 - 18:30

Venue: G-SEC Lab, 6th floor, East Research Building, Mita Campus, Keio University

Speakers and Themes [8th February]: I. Pepperberg (Harvard University, USA); "Emotional animals and Sensible humans: Applications to grey Parrots"

S. Kuczaj (University of Southern Mississippi, USA); "Why do dolphins smile? A consideration of dolphin emotions and emotional expressions"

S. Itakura (Kyoto University, Japan); "Development of mentalizing in human infants"

T. Canli (State University of New York, USA); "The Molecular Psychology of Human Emotionality"

R. D. Lane (University of Arizona, USA); "Levels of emotional awareness and the brain: A framework that captures what is and is not unique to human emotions"

S. Umeda (Keio University, Japan); "Functional neuroanatomy of social emotion"

Speakers and Themes [9th February]: A. Bartels (Max Planck Institute, Germany); "The neurobiology of love"

K.Kotrschal (Konrad Lorenz Institutes, Austria); "Emotionality and relationships - about geese and humans-animal dyads"

K.Shinozuka (Keio University, Japan); "Antagonistic effects of vasotocin on parental behavior in convict cichlids"

T. Maeno (Keio University, Japan); "Emotional Robots and Humans: What is emotion of robots and humans for?"

P. Codognet (Keio University, Japan); "Leibniz, the Art of Invention and Combinatorics : the dream of goingbeyond rationality in Modern and Digital Art"

M. Fujihata (Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan); "Understanding through Visual Information, from a practical point of view"

Planned and Organized by: Global COE "Centre for Advanced Research on Logic and Sensibility"

Co-Organized by: Global COE "Centre for Education and Research on Symbiotic, Safe and Secure System Design"

Reference: [Emotional Animals, Sensible Humans ]