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Program Leaders

Name Role Unit Specialized Field
Shigeru Watanabe ・Project Leader
・In charge of Education and Research Program, and Research Facilities
・Member of CARLS Project Committee
・Unit Leader
Brain and Evolution Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience
Noriyuki Sugiura ・Chair of the Graduate School of Human Relations
・Member of CARLS Project Committee (Accountant)
Taro Nishimura ・Member of CARLS Project Committee Classical Antiquity
Shozo Kojima ・In charge of Support Program for Publication of Research Brain and Evolution Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience
Satoshi Umeda Brain and Evolution Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology
Hideaki Kawabata Brain and Evolution Neuroesthetics, Aesthetic Psychology
Jun-ichi Yamamoto ・In charge of Public Affairs Committee
・Unit Leader
Genetics and Development Developmental Psychology, Clinical Developmental Psychology
Juko Ando Genetics and Development Behavioral Genetics
Keiko Fujisawa Genetics and Development Developmental Psychology
Christopher Tancredi ・Unit Leader Language and Cognition Linguistics(Semantics)
Yukio Otsu Language and Cognition Psycholinguistics
Mutsumi Imai Language and Cognition Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Developmental Psychology
Yuji Itoh Language and Cognition Cognitive Psychology
Masayoshi Tarui ・In charge of Ethics Committee
・Unit Leader
Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Life Ethics
Takashi Iida Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Philosophy of Language
Yoshimichi Saito Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Phenomenology, Contemporary Western Philosophy
Masatoshi Nara Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Ethics, Medical Ethics
Koichi Toyama Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Aesthetics/History of Art
Fumiko Goto Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Aesthetics/History of Art (German Modern Art)
Keizo Miyasaka ・Unit Leader Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Cultural Anthropology
Junko Kitanaka Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology Medical Anthropology
Mitsuhiro Okada ・Unit Leader Logic and Informatics Logic, Information science
Yosaku Nishiwaki Logic and Informatics Philosophy of Science
Noburu Notomi Logic and Informatics Philosophy
Wolfgang Ertl ・In charge of International Education and Research Program Logic and Informatics Ethics
Yumiko Yamazaki Brain and Evolution Comparative Cognitive Neuroscience
Atsushi Iriki RIKEN Brain Science Institute Brain and Evolution Neurophysiology, Dentistry
Nicola S.Clayton University of Cambridge Experimental Psychology
Ludwig Huber University of Vienna Comparative Cognition
Hans-Joachim Bischof Bielefeld University Ethology
Richard Frackowiak École Normale Supérieure Brain Imaging, Cognitive Science
Jocelyn Benoist École Normale Supérieure Logical Philosophy
Zang-Hee Cho Neurosciece Research Institute, Gachon University of Medicine and Science Neurosciece, Neuro Imaging
Toru Shimizu University of South Florida Cognitive and Neural Sciences
Allan Young McGill University Medical Anthropology