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Sayako Masuda

Assistant Professor (Non-tenured), Graduate School of Human Relations, Keio University

■Research Interests
Cognitive Neuroscience: Functional brain imaging and neuropsychological studies of the higher-order cognitive functions; neural integration between face and voice processing, neural basis for processing on logic and sensibility.
Developmental Psychology: Cognitive and social development of prelingualy deaf children, who have not acquired sign language. Neuropsychological and behavioral studies of emotional processing, theory of mind, facial perception (gaze, expression), and social interactions.

B.A. Psychology Gakushuin University, Japan
M.A. Psychology Keio University, Japan
Ph.D. Psychology Keio University, Japan

■Research and Professional Careers
2004-2008 Research Fellow, Department of Rehabilitation for Sensory Functions, Research Institute,
       National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities


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