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Aesthetics Seminar by Prof. Gerald Cupchik

This seminar is to be held as follows:
*admisson free, no registration required.
*This event will be held in English.

Professor Gerald Cupchik(University of Toronto)
Chair:Hideaki Kawabata(Global COE CARLS, Keio University)

Date and Time:Thursday, 24th February, 2011;16:00~18:00
Venue:Seminar Room, 4th floor, East Building, Mita Campus, Keio University


Professor Cupchik has conducted research in aesthetics for over 40 years, incorporating quantitative and qualitative methods in a complementary manner. He will argue that experimental aesthetics should be understood in a historical context encompassing scholarship in art history, anthropology, philosophy, and psychology. Following Goethe, he will stress the priority of aesthetic phenomena, visual or literary, over theory and method as a basis for unifying the various approaches to scholarship. Prof. Cupchik will then survey the many different techniques (e.g., verbal scale rating, narrative commentary, MRI) that he has applied to study the reception of a broad range of aesthetic materials including; paintings, short stories, photographs, industrial design objects, and so forth. It is important to reflect on the promise and limitations of each technique. The overall goal of the lecture will be to describe a unifying process underlying these different areas of aesthetic reception and to show how our understanding of aesthetics can contribute to the development of a General Theory of Emotion.

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Aesthetics Seminar by Prof.Cupchik